A girl was almost eaten because the curtains were not drawn ?

The moonbeam was brighter than ever on Sophie’s pillow. She decided to get out of bed and close the gap in the curtains.

You got punished if you were caught out of bed after lights-out. Even if you said you had to go to the lavatory, that was not accepted as an excuse and they punished you just the same ?
But there was no one about now, Sophie was sure of that ?

She reached out for her glasses that lay on the chair beside her bed. They had steel rims and very thick lenses, and she could hardly see a thing without them. She put them on, then she slipped out of bed and tip-toed over to the window.


And then eaten ?

Well, the story is over.

Lol, it’s error. ln fact, she was over the mountain took to the giant’s home.
Because the protagonist how can easily die Image result for 摊手表情

Giant’s hometown has terrible giants?


And fantastic landscape?


Don’t close the curtains, because dreams come from the streets.

Listen, hush Image result for 嘘的表情

Do you wanna try our curtains of a dreams?

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