Kinlo launches new advanced home curtains designed kindle imagination vivid fashionable prints

Shenzhen, (October 28, 2016) – Every home needs a fresh start, and hanging a new curtain signals the beginning of change. Kinlo, the famous global name in home products, is here to do just that. The first company in the world to promote extra soft home decoration, Kinlo has now launched a new, advanced product line of curtains and home décor.

The bath is that personal space where inner longings rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. Kinlo offers high-grade curtain fabrics and shower curtains that invoke a range of inspirations. For moms, there is the serene mother bath curtain; for a universal feel, the star universe spreads an ethereal feel; and the bold can go for the naked girl shower curtain. Kinlo’s bedroom curtains create a vista of vastness, from classic white and executive blinds to flower pattern sheer curtains. All curtains are customizable, use green, eco-friendly textile and high-quality polyester fabric which is wear and corrosion resistant, waterproof, and mildew resistant. The printing is latest generation, and dyes can endure high temperatures with no loss of brightness in the long term.

Kinlo aims to fire imagination with its openness to new ideas that feed into its creative design team. Its new design studio went operational in 2015 and has brought in new craftsmanship and high quality materials. The focus is on three main areas: transform designs, offer the best service, and give back to the plant and community. The design studio operates from the silk and cloth city of Shenzhen, and exports functional, beautiful home products meant to make life more comfortable.

“Always make the best curtain, that’s the Kinlo motto. Our new printing technology paints more vivid pictures, and we have hired French designers to make them highly fashionable. We aim to make the best curtains to make your home beautiful,” said CEO and Founder, James Wong.

Kinlo began in 2008 as a venture between three entrepreneurs in the textile oriented Zhejiang province. With the purchase of advanced machinery in 2014 and the addition of its own design team, the company went global next year with the brand name Kinlo. The Kinlo website is equipped with e-commerce features, and displays the latest home décor products.



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