Kinlo launches SALE on premium curtains this month

Top home décor company Kinlo has launched a sale on its tulle, blackout and shower curtains. The company offers high quality curtains made from advanced machinery.

Place, Date: News for homeowners looking to buy new curtains this month. Leading soft home décor company Kinlo has recently launched sale on premium curtain this month. Shoppers will benefit from a handy discount offer up to €40 on tulle, blackout and shower curtains.

“We are glad to announce that we have recently launched a heavy discount sale on our industry-leading curtains. If you have just shifted to your new home or planning a great home makeover- our sale is perfect for you to make the most of elegant curtains yet without costing a leg. Customer convenience is of utmost importance to us and we will be happy to pass on some savings to you”, stated John Smith, the man behind the Kinlo.

A name of repute across international home industry, Kinlo is the pioneer in soft home decoration design. The company is known for high end curtain fabrics in interesting hues and patterns. Kinlo offers 3 main types of curtains- Tulle, blackout and bath/shower curtain.

The Tulle curtain from Kinlo is crafted with a special kind of polyester which is made from eco-friendly materials. It is safe, non-toxic and odorless.

“Our tulle curtains are all about good drape and good feel. They are translucent, made from eco-friendly fabric and assure low-carbon life. They will complement the classy décor of your rooms and protect your family from insects. We also promise you easy adjustment of light in your room and healthy flow of fresh air to improve indoor climate. And yes, they won’t fade fast – our tulle curtains are meant for long-term use.”

Kinlo’s bath/shower curtains are made from strong water-resistance fabrics. Smith guaranteed robust durability with excellent elasticity, high strength and rust & corrosion resistance. Added to bathroom, these curtains are compatible for living room as well.

“We have got some amazingly fun designs with our bath curtains. From Naughty Santa  to a cute monster to even a sassy Monroe- there are some truly unmatched designs here to make your shower more special each day. Another good this is that all our upscale bath curtains are easily washable with warm water.”

Speaking on their blackout curtains, John stressed on innovative designs and solid abrasion resistance. These curtains are made from high end blend of polyester, band nonwoven and plastic Roman Circle to protect room and indoor furnishing from direct sunlight. Kinlo’s blackout curtains are also designed to eliminate formation of harmful disease-causing mildew.

“We are always about treating our customers with finest quality and highly durable curtains to enhance their quality of living. We use premium eco-friendly fabrics and advanced machinery to ensure the most optimum products.”

The company also offers blinds, wallpapers and window stickers.

To make the most of the sale offer from Kinlo, go to

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