Who wearing a curtain is still beautiful

Maybe you know who she is.

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She is an atypical protagonist, especially as a female romantic lead in fiction. When the novel opens, she is sixteen. She is vain, self-centered, and very spoiled by her wealthy parents. She can also be insecure, but is very intelligent, despite her fashionable Southern-belle pretense at ignorance and helplessness around men. She is somewhat unusual among Southern women, whom society preferred to act as dainty creatures who needed protection from their men.

Vivien Leigh / Scarlett O'Hara green christmas by scarlett283, via Flickr

Yes, She is Scarlett O’Hara.

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O’Hara has black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She is famous for her fashionably small waist.

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She has a variety of gorgeous green dress, my favorite is that green curtains skirt.

vivien leigh的图像结果与风绿色的衣服一起走了

The beauty of the troubled times, she is selfish to selfless, she is beautiful and strong. She did something that would never have been done before.

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Love can not save the fate of a woman.

Maybe you can also use kinlo curtains to create a unique dress.

How about the red curtain dress?


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