Our Story

Kinlo was founded by a young couple who shared a view that elegant fabrics and design should be available at reasonable prices for all with durable, creative and innovative products to make people’s home different, as well as the highest level of personal customer service.

Kin Jonson and Loren Jonson, both worked as designers for IKEA. In their previous job, they dealt a lot with big and heavy types of furniture like beds and wardrobes, but what really surprised them was that they found, in interior decoration, that affects people’s daily life most is not the big objects but those small tiny things like curtains, blinds, wallpapers, or even a shower rod. They realized their importance and observed how often they were underrated. The same observation brought them together. In 2010, they decided to launch their own business that only focused on making these small but very valuable things, thus Kinlo was born.

The beauty of owning independent businesses gave them the opportunity to offer their clients full design services rather than just window treatments. Owning an independent business also allowed them to decide which manufacturers to represent as well as the ability to offer extraordinary value!


It’s all about the passion for patterns, the fascination with textile, pottery and decorative motifs, either traditional or contemporary. As designers, Kin and Loren used to travel a lot. The various cultures encountered during travels, the immersing in the local daily life and the richness of color, textures, and sensations,  inspired them and they enjoyed their pure-close to art form more than they could have imagined.

Besides the patterns, there are fabric and materials. Each of them is unique and different, they can be anything before they become curtains, blinds, or wall stickers, they aren’t subjected to any template-they just are.  The main idea of making Kinlo products is an architect’s vision on how patterns and materials relate to interior spaces. Kinlo is a wonderful mix of utility and aesthetics. If you look at what they used to be and compare to what they have become as Kinlo products, you will tell with your own eyes what the real magic is.

How Our Products Are Made

We choose to use digital printing for all fabrics, as it is an eco-friendly non-wasteful process, which can deliver the expected results in a more time and cost efficient manner, independently of the ordered quantity. The drawings and designs take a life of their own once printed onto the fabrics.

curtains, blinds, wallpapers or shower rod, We manufacture all our products in a medium size atelier, where time efficient delivery is less important than skillful craftsmanship. We pay attention to details, and treat each object individually, in terms of cutting the fabric, pattern placement, color dyeing, detail stitching and quality control. We want you to enjoy our creations for a long time, at their best quality.

Time to Make Change

After almost eight years of development, Kinlo is now a brand that is celebrated by clients from all around the world especially from European countries like UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. With our elaborated and high-quality products, it is not a surprise that we’ve received tons of positive reviews from our consumers and won dozens of Bestseller titles on Amazon and eBay over our competitive brand IKEA. Kinlo has become an indispensable force in the home decoration industry.

But more than that, it’s about you. It’s time for you to find and cherish the value of little things in your life which actually play big roles like we’ve found before. And by choosing Kinlo, you can make a change that might make you realize home doesn’t just mean home, it can also mean the whole world to you.